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The Global Positioning System (or GPS) is a navigation system that can accurately convey any location on Earth. The system relies on the huge number of global positioning satellites that are in constant orbit around the planet.

The GPS has become an increasingly important piece of equipment in everyday life. In fact, it can prove to be a lifesaver in some emergency situations such as getting lost in an unfamiliar area or if you are in need of rescue or medical attention deep in the wilderness. The GPS is most often used as an accessory to help motorists get to their destinations as quickly and as safely as possible.

If you’re in the market for a GPS, you will obviously want something reliable—something that works exactly when you need it to. Your best bet would be one of the top GPS 2014 models. This article provides a rundown of the best GPS 2014, but before we get to those, it is advisable to first go through the criteria that were used in coming up with GPS reviews 2014.

Product analysts determined the best GPS models for 2014 all possessed the following:


  1. Touchscreen technology for easier use
  2. High resolution screen display
  3. Updated maps, complete with landmarks and topography
  4. Highlighted lane routes and lane guidance
  5. Long battery life


The GPS reviews 2014 also collated the top GPS 2014. This list will go into detail on the features and specs of several different GPS models.


From here, you can choose which one of the best GPS 2014 will suit your needs.


ProductDisplay size & Battery lifePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Garmin Dezl 760LMT GPS
best gps reviews 2014
7 inch
1.5 hours
Garmin Oregon 550T GPS
3 inch
16 hours
Garmin Nüvi 2557LMT GPS
5 inch
2 hours
Rand McNally’s RVND 7720 GPS
7 inch
1 hour
Garmin eTrex 20 GPS
2.2 inch
22 hours
TomTom VIA 1605TM GPS
6 inch
3 hours


Garmin Dezl 760LMT GPS


best gps reviews 2014The Garmin Dezl 760LMT is the first on the list. This big baby has a 7-inch touchscreen display made up of 800 x 480 pixels. This GPS is designed mainly for trucks and trailers. The screen can clearly hold all of the necessary information, highlighting the best truck-friendly route, and alerts you of any notifications and warnings. It has the Active Lane Guidance, a feature that directs the best route to take for your rig, including Lifetime maps and traffic, caution alerts for road hazards, and customizable restrictions. The PhotoReal view shows realtime pictures of junctions to guide you on the correct lanes. With 1.5 hours of battery life, you can do a lot with this model. Your trips are automatically recorded and tracked carefully. The GPS informs you of your fuel usage, mileage, and driving hours, and it even has HOS warnings. They also have a specialized routing that is updated with truck-restricted roads in the United States and Canada. Besides the screen, this model has a very clear and audible voice when announcing directions and updates. You can also talk to it thanks to its voice-activated navigation. You can activate your Bluetooth with the GPS as well, for hands-free calling. The GPS has a built-in speaker and microphone essential for that feature. Your Android phone is also compatible with the 760LMT. The Smartphone Link app is available for download. The app allows you to share information with the GPS.

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Garmin Oregon 550T GPS


2Another model from Garmin is the Oregon 550T. It is smaller than the first model, measuring up to 3 inches for the screen, but with an internal memory of 850 MB, along with a MicroSD card slot. However, this device has a camera that allows you to take photos of locations and it automatically geotags the exact place of the picture so that you can come back to it in the future if necessary. It has touchscreen technology which is easy to use. The best feature is the US Topographical Maps that shows you the best terrain for hiking, camping, and exploring. Details also include national, state and local parks, forests, rest stops, and landmarks. This GPS is best used for outdoor adventures, which is why it is small. It is the perfect size for handheld devices. It also has an electronic compass which can read your heading even when you’re standing still. The barometric altimeter can show your precise altitude. To top that, this device was built to withstand the elements. It’s waterproof, highly durable, and good for 16 hours on a single full charge.

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Garmin Nüvi 2557LMT GPS


3The third item on the list is also from Garmin, the Nüvi 2557LMT. It measures up to 5 inches and it also comes with a touchscreen. The dual orientation feature enables you to view it horizontally or vertically just like a tablet or smartphone. This portable vehicle GPS has Lifetime Maps and Traffic that even informs you of stores, restaurants, hospitals and gas stations within your vicinity. The device has the Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice that directs you using popular landmarks and buildings around your destination. PhotoReal and Bird’s Eye junction view shows clear pictures of junctions that can help you when easing on and off the highway. The battery life is 2 hours maximum.

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Rand McNally’s RVND 7720 GPS


4Rand McNally’s RVND 7720 is a 7-inch device with RV-specific routing. It can be customized for your own RV, and it has 11 other types of RV routing you can choose from. It can be connected via wi-fi to receive data, especially about the weather. The GPS has dynamic weather data; it provides a forecast of the weather in any location you are in. One feature is the Predictive Traffic which allows you to make your own traffic patterns once you have chosen an ideal route. It is good for 1 hour on a full charge. Additional features include fuel logs that record fuel consumption, fuel purchases, location of purchase, and total cost which can be organized by date or state. The device also provides other interesting bits of information, like locations of campgrounds, dealers, travel centers, festivals and pet-friendly places such as pet clinics, beaches, and rest stops.

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Garmin eTrex 20 GPS


5Garmin makes a comeback with the eTrex 20. Taking the fifth spot on the list, the device is known as the Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator. This 2.2-inch baby has the whole world in its screen with its worldwide basemap. It is compatible with a wide variety of maps, such as topography, marine maps, and road maps. It’s supported by HotFix and GLONASS for a strong signal and speedy positioning, secondary to the device being WAAS-enabled. It is completely waterproof up to IPX7 standards and sunlight-readable – perfect for outdoor activities. The battery can run for up to 25 hours straight which is why the eTrex 20 is a must-have for those long drives and three-day camping trips. It’s easy to use with only five buttons on each side, though the touchscreen technology may not be compatible with the outdoors. There is also a memory card slot.

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TomTom VIA 1605TM GPS


6Manufacturer TomTom presents the VIA 1605TM. The 6-inch touchscreen-equipped GPS has Lifetime Traffic and Map Updates, which you can use to outsmart traffic and avoid accidents and other road hazards. The VIA 1605TM provides up-to-date information on traffic changes which can come in handy for everyday driving. The system updates the maps every 3 months, and that also includes maps of Canada and Mexico. Advanced Lane Guidance directs the driver to the correct lane by highlighting it on the map on the GPS. You can easily follow the directions given by the GPS because it tells you which lane or road to take before you approach any exit, turn, or a busy intersection. With this advanced help, you can never get lost. Another tool is the TomTom Roadside Assistance which can connect you to a specialist at any time of day wherever you may be on the road. The device has a maximum battery life of 3 hours.

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Magellan Roadmate 1700LM GPS


7The last entry for this year’s best GPS is the Magellan Roadmate 1700LM. The 7-inch portable GPS comes with Lifetime Maps and free updates every now and then. It is also compatible with the Magellan wireless back-up camera. The device comes with the AAA Tourbook, with directions on how to use the device as well as potential places to visit. Highway Lane Assist is also an available feature. The GPS has a battery life of 30 minutes, so it is ideal for use during emergencies, as a back-up device, or when taking short drives to nearby places.

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Some make it a habit to always remember to bring their GPS with them whenever they leave their houses. It’s an ideal gadget since it does more than simply tell you where you are and how to get to where you need to go. It can highlight the best route to take, voice out instructions on where to turn or make your exit, and even forecast the weather and record your fuel usage. Some even have cameras that can capture images of places you may want to revisit someday.

These featured GPS devices can have all the preferred essentials and add-ons you’d want in such a gadget. They make the list of the best GPS 2014 partly because they are also affordable. Hopefully this rundown of the best GPS among the latest released has helped you in choosing the device that best suits you.